Blake Shelton Opens Up About The Devastating And Untimely Death Of His Half-Brother

by Olivia Jakiel
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Blake Shelton is a major household name nowadays. From his sold-out shows to being a coach on The Voice for 15 seasons, Blake is everywhere — including all over girlfriend Gwen Stefani’s Instagram — and there’s no stopping him any time soon.

Although Blake is known for his carefree, fun-loving, and sometimes goofy personality, it’s rare to see him on the serious side of things. However, in a recent interview with Cowboys & Indians, the six-time winning coach of The Voice opened up about the untimely and devastating loss of his older brother, Richie, who died suddenly when Blake was just 14 years old.

Richie, who was technically Blake’s half-brother (they shared a mother) but brother nonetheless, was killed in a car accident when he was 24 years old.

The loss understandably sticks with the country crooner to this day, and his interview with Cowboys & Indians shed some light on his family’s tragedy.

As if you needed an introduction, this hard-hat-wearing man is Blake Shelton.

As if you needed an introduction, this hard-hat-wearing man is Blake Shelton.

And boy, does he wear a denim shirt well.

You might know him from a little show called The Voice.

Blake is currently dating his The Voice costar, the very beautiful (and basically immortal) Gwen Stefani.

The two are pretty much complete opposites, yet their love fully transcends music genres and, in all honesty, most logic.

But we have to admit, they do make a cute couple.

And who can forget the time People crowned him the “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2017?

Blake is known for his laid-back and sometimes goofy personality.

Blake is known for his laid-back and sometimes goofy personality.

But in an interview with Cowboys & Indians back in September, the 42-year-old country singer got serious and opened up about the death of his half-brother.

“It was literally like the world went silent,” Blake said about his devastating loss. “There was a void in my world all of a sudden, and I’m still not over it. I’m just used to it.”

He continued, “For me, my brother was my big brother. I mean, I wanted to be him. I wanted to look like him, dress like him, listen to what he listened to, and be into the things he was into.”

It’s never easy losing a loved one; Blake’s dad once said that he’d “never, ever get over this happening,” which is heartbreaking in all sorts of ways.

Fans chimed in with messages of support.

Fans also encouraged him to live his best life — after all, it’s what his brother, Richie, would’ve wanted.

Some fans even gave him a gentle reminder that he has an angel watching over him.

As the 28th anniversary of Richie’s death approaches, we hope Blake knows he has everyone’s support, thoughts, and prayers.