Black Woman Sits On Patch Of Grass Outside Church When 2 Officials Hang ‘No Trespassing’ Signs

by Amy Paige
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Alex Marshall-Brown, a successful stuntwoman from Los Angeles, sat down on a patch of grass outside a church in North Hollywood.

She was simply taking advantaging of the sunny day while quietly doing some research on the lawn.

All of a sudden, two police officers approached her on their bikes and said they had just received a call; they wanted Alex to leave the property.

However, there was no signage around that said she was trespassing. And since she was sitting so close to the sidewalk, she told the officers she planned to stay right where she was.

Moments later, two men who volunteered with the church walked outside and started drilling a “No Trespassing” sign into the tree right near Alex’s spot on the lawn.

“This church is not welcoming me?” she asked the men while filming on her cellphone.

Watch the video below to see how these men responded, going so far as to accuse Alex of “posing a threat” to others.

After this exchange went viral, outraged community members gathered on the same church lawn to hold a demonstration in support of Alex and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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