You’ll Crave These Beautifully Decadent Milkshakes — Even In The Dead Of Winter!

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Do you like milkshakes and elaborate desserts? Well, then you’ll love the crazy creations being made at New York City’s Black Tap restaurant!

Besides serving up savory burgers and craft beer, this tasty hangout also offers milkshakes. That doesn’t seem so strange, though, right? After all, milkshakes and burgers are a classic casual meal.

But remember, this is the city that brought you the 24k gold donut, so expect something a little more extravagant. And when we say extravagant, we mean it.

The milkshakes at Black Tap are less milkshakes and more towering constructions of candy, ice cream, pastry, and toppings that look like they were created in one of Willy Wonka’s fever dreams.

Most of them come with two straws, and while sharing a milkshake is certainly adorable, it’s kind of a necessity with these because they’re huge!

Check some of Black Tap’s creations out below, and see if you think you could handle one of these — or if you’ll just stick to the basics.

[H/T: My Modern Met]

See? We weren’t kidding when we said extravagant!

Black Tap uses candy, cookies, brownies, and just about any sweet thing you can think of to top off their milkshakes. This one is topped with cotton candy and rock candy.

And this one is crowned with a whole slice of birthday cake!

As you can see, each one is really a feat of structural engineering as much as it’s a confection. Caramel apples are heavy!

With no limit on how colorful or decadent, the results are a collection of seriously impressive — maybe even a bit intimidating — milkshakes.

And we bet you never thought the words “intimidating” and “milkshake” would be in the same sentence.

Some milkshakes are seasonal, like this Hanukkah-themed shake for the holidays.

Others are inspired by causes, like this one for Breast Cancer Awareness.

And some are for silly things, like this one celebrating Shark Week, an annual TV event on the Discovery Channel dedicated to all things shark.

Of course, you don’t need an event to have an extravagant milkshake. Just a serious sugar craving.

It might be hard to imagine drinking one of these alone, let alone after a burger.

But then, they’re designed to share, and they’re really like two or even three desserts in one.

And we only hope they come with a lot of napkins.

Like, a lot of napkins.

If you’re ever in New York and feel the need for a truly memorable milkshake, stop by Black Tap.

You can also check out their other menu items on their website and Facebook, as well as on Instagram.

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