Black Mom Says Restaurant Denied Her And Her Son Service Because Of His Clothes

by Amy Paige
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It all started when Marcia Grant attempted to take her 9-year-old son, Dallas, to a restaurant in Baltimore.

Before they could be seated, the manager told Marcia he had to deny them service because Grant’s outfit violated the restaurant’s dress code.

Grant was wearing a pair of athletic shorts, sneakers, and an Air Jordan T-shirt.

However, Marcia quickly noticed another child in the restaurant — a white child — was wearing a very similar outfit to what Grant had on.

The other boy was dining at the same restaurant, seemingly without any issue whatsoever.

She wasn’t leaving without having a conversation with the manager, and the incident was recorded on her phone.

“I can’t really say why they wouldn’t let me in the restaurant originally,” Marcia told Good Morning America. “But once I pointed out to the guy that there was a white kid there with similar dress, I can only imagine that it was based on the fact that Dallas was Black.”

No matter how hard Marcia pressed him, the manager refused to allow the pair to sit down.

Now Marcia and Grant are speaking out about the incident as her original video has gone viral.

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