Dark-Skinned Mom Thinks Fair-Skinned Babies Are Albino Until Doctors Say It’s Just Dormant Genes

by Emerald Pellot
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Catherine Howarth left doctors stunned not once but twice. The first occasion was in 2014 — when she gave birth to her son, Jonah.

Shockingly, he had fair skin and blue eyes.

The second time was in 2016. Catherine gave birth to daughter Sophia, who also has fair skin and blue eyes.

Catherine is a British citizen of Nigerian heritage. She has deep-brown skin. And although her husband and the father of her children, Richard Howarth, is white, doctors still find her children baffling.

Catherine was so shocked when she saw Jonah for the first time. She feared something might be wrong with him to have caused his unexpected skin color.

“I was really worried and asked the doctor if everything was OK — they even did an albino test on him. Being mixed-race, we just thought that his color would come, but it never did,” Catherine told Caters News. “It was the first time the doctors had ever seen anything like that, but they kept saying how similar our characteristics were. They said it was a million-to-one chance of happening, and it was likely our second child would be a lot darker.”

Typically, when it comes to their skin tone, mixed-race children are a blend of their two parents. Doctors now believe Catherine must have a dormant, fair-skin gene from a past ancestor and that her family carried it throughout the generations.

Once Catherine knew that her children were healthy, her mind was put at ease, and she embraced their unexpected look. Jonah is even a child model these days.

“People who stop us in the street are generally pretty nice and are just being curious. No one presumes I’m the mother. They think I’m everything but!” Catherine says. “They ask if I’m the nanny, the au pair, childminder — you name it.”

The couple plan on having more children, but as for what they’ll look like, the family will just have to wait and see.

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