Black Howler Monkey Family Enjoys Snacks And Precious Cuddles Together

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

A trip to the zoo is always filled with adorable animal fun. Those cuties really know how to put on a great show just by being their sweet selves!

It’s especially precious to see the young critters figuring out the strange new discoveries of their little worlds, like the bear cubs that were absolutely baffled by a simple pink balloon. Or, even better, watching as a fuzzy family bonds with their newest bundle of joy!

That’s exactly the case for this small family of black howler monkeys found at the Los Angeles Zoo. The name may be a little confusing when you see their fur is in fact not black, but that’s because the moniker refers to the males of the species.

All females and younger black howler monkeys retain a golden brown hue, but it suits them just fine! The name also acknowledges how these unique primates are the loudest animals roaming on land in the entire world. Considering the noise some of their neighbors make, that’s a pretty impressive feat.

But this family stays calm and quiet while Mama enjoys a yummy snack. Her older child comes up to greet her, but it’s the tiny one hiding in her fur that really stole my heart. Baby howlers cling to their moms until they’re ready to start climbing trees, and this protective mom doesn’t seem to mind one bit! The bigger kiddo seems impatient to play with her sibling, but Mama makes sure the infant stays right by her side.

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