These Black Friday Beauty Deals Are So Good And We All Should Enjoy Them

by Stephanie Kaloi

Hey, shoppers! Let’s get real for a sec: Black Friday beauty shopping is all about getting the best deals on what you’re looking for, and whether or not those deals are for items for your loved ones or items for you is entirely… up to the shopper.

There are about half a zillion amazing deals on beauty products today, and I write this as a person who is not super knowledgable about beauty but did, in fact, spend fork over many ten-dollar bills so I could own a bottle of Kourtney Kardashian’s Diamond fragrance because I’m just like that. Speaking of, if you head into Ulta stores today, you can totally get your own bottle!

Kourt aside, these are total steals. Beauty mega house Sephora is delighting people all over the nation today with their $15 and under sale on what feels like just about everything.

The Enchanted Mountains Three Eyeshadow, which even I can definitely say is beautiful, is on sale for $5. The Skin-Soothing Saviors Mega-Mushroom Hydrating Duo is on sale for $15, and this totally adorable and totally ridiculous Urban Decay Mini All Nighter Setting Spray Ornament is on sale for $15 and will 100% delight the Urban Decay fan in your life.

PS: after you have bought all of your goodies, please come over and teach me how to use them. Bonus points if you bring this amazing yellow blow dryer brush, because I have never even heard of such a thing! Inconceivable.

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