Here Are The Cyber Monday Home Decor Deals Everyone Is Looking For

by Stephanie Kaloi

Ooh, home decor. What an Achille’s heel, especially on Cyber Monday. There are so many Cyber Monday home decor sales today that it could feel overwhelming, but luckily … it doesn’t have to.

First things first. Here are the deals you should look out for:

And now, on to the cute stuff!

If you asked me what one present I really love, I’m going to tell you three words: blankets, blankets, blankets. I mean, is it ever not a good idea to get someone a blanket? Truly. Here are a few from Nordstrom that I extra adore: Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw ($27.65), Tufted Texture Throw Blanket ($49.49), and the Jersey Rope Throw Blanket ($69.30).

Blankets aren’t all you can snag, of course. Target has a ton of beautiful wall tapestries that are legitimately swoon-worthy. The Woven Cotton Wall Tapestry is gorgeous (and $24.49), and this Off the Grid Purple Wall Hanging Portrait is on sale for $20.30.

Candles are also everywhere, and they’re all gorgeous. My fave? This Capri Iridescent Jar Candle ($21),  because, obviously.

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