Rescuers Rappel 150 Feet Down Dangerous Cliff With Only A Net To Save Stranded Black Cat

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Cats are pretty nimble creatures. As the saying goes, cats always land on their feet.

But what happens when a cat lands in a very dangerous place?

That’s the scary situation Zion, a black cat, found herself in when she became stranded on a cliffside.

Zion got stuck about 150 feet down the side of a rocky cliff. Even though cats are great climbers, the tough terrain was too much for Zion. She was unable go anywhere, either up or down.

And it was hard for humans to reach Zion, too. Thankfully, that’s where these rescuers came in.

The Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team of Los Angeles, or SMART LA, was deployed to the cliffside to see what it could do for poor, scared Zion.

The terrain was too dangerous to scale down. According to Caters News, rescuers Gaby Lera and Annette Ramierz had to take drastic measures.

Gaby and Annette strapped themselves up like rock climbers, rappelling down the side of the cliff to bring Zion back to safety.

If you’ve ever been climbing in the outdoors you know how scary and dangerous this can be! If you haven’t, Gaby and Annette recorded the whole amazing rescue on their head cams so you can experience it too.

Check out the video below to see the harrowing rescue from their perspective, and please SHARE this story on Facebook!

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