50 Best Black And White Dog Names

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Finding the perfect name for your dog can be quite the challenge! You’ll want to choose a dog name that will represent your dog’s character and looks, but also one that’s cute and easy to pronounce.

Easy, right? Not quite…

Well, stop racking your brain and allow us to make things a little easier for you. Consider giving your dog a name that matches their beautiful coat. We’ve rounded-up a list of handpicked black-and-white dog names that are as unique and cute as your new dog. Sometimes the perfect name for your black and white dog is right in front of your nose!

If you own two dogs – one purely white and one purely black – you may find a pair of names on this list of names for black-and-white dogs, but we also have separate lists of white dog names and black dog names.

Find the inspiration you need to give your dog a name that’s pawsitively perfect.

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Best Black And White Dog Names

Black-and-white puppy

1. Badgy – A cute take on the word “badger.” Especially suitable if the pattern on your puppy’s face is similar to the animal!
2. Bangs – Perfect if your puppy’s face is white with a black stroke across the forehead.
3. Banksy – After the street artist that mainly draws in black and white.
4. Blackboot – Perfect if your puppy’s paws are black.
5. Blackfoot – Another perfect choice if your puppy’s paws are black.
6. Butler – Especially cute for a bulldog.
7. Charlie – A nod to Charlie Chaplin, the iconic comedy actor who was famous in the black-and-white movie era.
8. Chester – After the game of chess.
9. Choccy – After chocolate chip cookies.
10. Cookie – Another nod to black-and-white sweet treats!

Black-and-white Dalmatian dog

11. Dice – Especially ideal if your puppy has mainly white fur with lots of black dots.
12. Domino – You simply cannot name your puppy Domino and not think of your childhood every time you call it.
13. Dotty – or Dot for short. One of the classics.
14. Felix – After Felix the Cat. Yes, yes, we know you own a puppy and not a cat. But this cute name can totally work for a small dog!
15. Freckles – This name would be absolutely adorable for a puppy with a freckled pattern.
16. Goofy – After Mickey Mouse’s affable, long-eared dog friend. Perfect for a big dog.
17. Grandy – After a grand piano and its classy black-and-white keys.
18. Lemur – After the cute black-and-white animal that lives in the jungle.
19. Lizzy – A tribute to another black-and-white movie star, Elizabeth Taylor.
20. Magpie – A nod to the stunningly beautiful (and brilliant!) black- and-white magpie birds.

Black-and-white French Bulldog

21. Merle – Foolproof name for a puppy that sports a splatter pattern.
22. Mickey – After the legendary Mickey Mouse — a great choice for Disney fans.
23. Mittens – Perfect if your puppy has white paws.
24. Moo-Moo – Or just Moo for short. After a black-and-white cow.
25. Motley – A spot-on name if there is no particular pattern on your puppy’s fur.
26. Notes – After sheet music.
27. Orca – After a killer whale. Could be really fun for a small dog.
28. Oreo – An adorable name based on the famous black-and-white cookie.
29. Osprey – After the impressive black-and-white bird.
30. Panda – An ideal name for a huge, furry dog.

Black-and-white small dog

31. Patches – Another classic name for a black-and-white dog.
32. Paws – Perfect for a pup whose paws are a different color than its body.
33. Penguin – A cute name for any pattern or shape of dog.
34. Puffin – An adorable name that comes from the equally adorable birds.
35. Raccoon – After a well-known black-and-white animal that also digs in the trash.
36. Ripple – A great name if the puppy’s fur appears to be striped.
37. Salt-N-Pepa – Or Salty for short. Could be a nice tribute to the band from the ‘90s.
38. Snake Eyes – Ideal for a puppy that’s mainly white and has two black spots.
39. Snoopy – After the classic cartoon character from “Peanuts.”
40. Skunky – After a smelly but beautiful animal.

Black-and-white Boston Terrier dog

41. Spot – A classic name for a black-and-white dog.
42. Stinky – One more tribute to a skunk. They may stink a little but they’re gorgeous!
43. Storm Trooper – Only the true nerds would dare.
44. Sundae – Ideal if you have a sweet tooth.
45. Swan – Think of a black-and-white swan. This would be a perfect name for a lean dog.
46. Tapir – A cool-sounding name, after the long-nosed Malayan animal.
47. Tuxedo – A clever name that shortens nicely to Tux.
48. Yin-Yang – The well-known Chinese symbol.
49. Zebra – Perfect for a small, striped dog.
50. Zorro – After the classic character created all the way back in 1919, immediately recognizable for his black mask.

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