This Amazing Tiny House Has One Of The Most Bizarre Shapes I’ve Ever Seen!

by Phil Mutz
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Every time I look at a tiny house I get excited. I love seeing what people have been able to do with the smallest of spaces.

And I love that each tiny house is completely different from the last. I’ve spent lots of time looking at tiny houses around the world, and one of the qualities I find most interesting is the shape of the home. I’ve seen square-shaped homes, UFO-shaped homes, and egg-shaped homes. But when I saw this tiny house? Well, this was a first for me.

Located in London, this tiny home has one of the most bizarre shapes I have ever seen. I wouldn’t even know what word to use to describe its unique architecture.

And when I saw inside? I was even more impressed by how spacious it seemed.

And the surprises didn’t stop there. This house is for sale, but the price tag? I couldn’t believe what this home is going for!

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Located in London, this two-story tiny house has a triangular shape that is all its own.

Floor plan

The home is constructed mostly from brick and is situated in one of the strangest locations as well — in the middle of a bend in the road!

Exterior house

Inside, the house feels extremely spacious, despite measuring a mere 422 square feet!

Interior house

The house boasts a small balcony with a view that overlooks London's Drayton Park.

Balcony street view

In addition to the balcony, the upstairs features a living room, kitchenette, and bathroom.

Interior house

The downstairs of the house contains a bedroom and second bathroom, with the curved wall of the bedroom helping to create the unique outside appearance.

Interior house

The large number of windows covering much of the house's exterior provides an abundance of natural light.

Interior house

While the house is very nice, its sale price is set extremely high due in large part to the house's one-of-a-kind nature and its proximity to trains leading to downtown London.


The listing price? More than $750,000! The price may be high, but this uniquely shaped tiny house is priceless!

Interior house

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