Mom Picks Baby Daughter Up From Day Care And Discovers 25 Bloody Bite Marks Covering Her Body

by Amy Paige
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Alice Martin and her husband recently moved to Tucson, Arizona. They signed their 15-month-old daughter up for her new day care center and were excited to see her flourish.

But five days later, Alice picked the baby up from day care and made a horrifying discovery.

That evening, she noticed her daughter acting particularly fussy. When she took off her onesie to give her a bath, Alice discovered a smattering of red, bloody bite marks that covered her arms, back, and shoulders.

Alice claims her daughter was bitten more than 25 times while at day care that day — yet she was never notified by the staff. “I know that a child getting bitten that many times would be crying and very upset,” she told CBS affiliate KOLD News 13.

Naturally, Alice felt a combination of outrage, sadness, and betrayal. She broke down in tears and then decided to take action.

Alice took to Facebook to share a series of rather disturbing photos showing the bite marks all over her baby’s back. The images went viral and sparked a heated response, along with a flooding of support from parents across the country.

However, Alice says she was told by authorities that she may not even be able to prosecute…

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