Abused Dog Escapes Cruel Owner And Runs To Only Woman Who Treated Him Kindly So She Keeps Him

by Emerald Pellot
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Biscuit is getting a happy ending after enduring years of abuse. A few years ago, Biscuit started showing up at Kaylie Stogsdill’s, Coyle, Oklahoma, home.

“He would come to my house, and I would give him food,” Kaylie told KFOR News.

The dog was skin and bones, and each time she would see him, Biscuit looked worse. Kaylie reported Biscuit’s owners to the police. Then, suddenly, Biscuit stopped coming by.

She didn’t see Biscuit for two years.

“I thought maybe the situation was fixed,” Kaylie said, figuring perhaps the dog had been re-homed.

Then, one day, a dog showed up at her door. The creature was so neglected, she didn’t recognize him.

“Once I figured out who he was — that he was Biscuit,” Kaylie recalled. “You just couldn’t tell because he was so skinny.”

Kaylie took the dog into her home and called the police. Court documents show an emaciated Biscuit, his skin sagging from his skull, his bones protruding. He had no fat or muscle and was filled with infection and debris.

The dog was near death. He’d escaped his abusive owners, taking one leap of faith: that Kaylie would be there to save him after all these years.

Biscuit’s return to Kaylie makes perfect sense to Major Kelly Benwart with the Langston Police Department.

“If an animal feels safe or an individual feels safe, they’re going to migrate towards that feeling of safety and being taken care of,” Kelly said.

Kaylie is now caring for the dog and getting him back to a healthy weight.

“I believe I was meant to discover him and that we were supposed to cross paths,” Kaylie said.

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