Daughter Says To Keep Pulling Tissues, Then Mom Yells When She Finds $1 Bill At The Bottom

by Emerald Pellot
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Tanya Farah wrote her mom, Linda Wahbeh, a long, heartfelt letter for her birthday. When the mom read the message, she instantly began crying at the daughter’s sentimental gesture.

Tanya then handed Linda a box of tissues to wipe her tears. She told her mother that maybe the box of Kleenex might “turn her sadness into happiness.”

The mother took the box and began to wipe her eye. However, Tanya insisted that Linda use another tissue, then another, then another…

Linda was confused. Her son-in-law Patrick can also be heard egging her on in the video below.

Suspicious of their motives, Linda continued to pull out tissue after tissue, until finally she pulled out a dollar bill. As she pulled out the bill, she realized it was attached to another, then another, then another, then eventually the dollar bills turned into fives, tens, twenties and even hundreds.

Linda howled in excitement. She said it reminded her of her wedding day. She took the stream of bills taped together and wrapped it around her neck.

“It was amazing to see her jumping up and down with happiness,” Patrick told Caters. “She couldn’t stop telling us how much she loved us and that she’d never been surprised like this in her life. We are both so glad we were able to make her birthday so special.”

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