6-Year-Old Is Excited For Birthday, Then Decides To Give Up Party To Donate To The Homeless

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is a writer on the Original Content team. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

When you imagine a six-year-old girl’s birthday party, you probably think about princesses, pink, cake, and dolls.

Even if you’re picturing something completely different, I can almost guarantee you aren’t thinking of 125 hungry homeless people lining up to receive a hot meal and care packages from a six-year-old grinning ear to ear.

But if you went to Armani Crews’ birthday party early in March, 2017, that’s exactly what you would have found.

Instead of having a birthday party, like most little girls, Armani decided she wanted to feed the homeless.

Armani’s mom, Artesha Crews, told ABC News that Armani had been asking about feeding the homeless for months, but her parents thought she was joking and brushed it off.

Eventually, Artesha told Armani that they could make some sandwiches for the homeless people in their community, but Armani told her, “No.” Armani explained that she wanted to give the homeless people exactly what she would have had at her sixth birthday party.

Artesha and Antoine, Armani’s father, were stunned, but they agreed.

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armani crews
Artesha Smith-Crews

When 6-year-old Armani Crews told her parents that instead of a birthday party, she wanted to feed the homeless, they didn’t realize she was serious.

Antoine, Armani’s father, explained to her that if she really wanted to give up her party to help the homeless, she wouldn’t get a birthday present.

armani birthday party
Artesha Smith-Crews

Armani was unfazed. She didn’t care about getting a birthday gift — she just wanted to help her community.

With the $300 her parents set aside for her birthday party, they went to the store and bought a bunch of food for the homeless people in their neighborhood.

They bought everything from chicken and fish, to spaghetti and mashed potatoes, to fruits and vegetables.

armani party
Artesha Smith-Crews

And because it wouldn’t have been a true birthday party without it, they also bought cake and cookies to share with their homeless neighbors.

Armani’s family mentioned the plan when they were at church one day, and the church was so blown away that congregants decided to help out.

homeless care package
Artesha Smith-Crews

Church members donated toiletries and other items to make care packages that they could give out with the food Armani’s family was making.

Each care package included tissues, a toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitizer, a razor, deodorant, a hair brush, and a small snack — all sorts of items that would help them stay clean and healthy.

armani food
Artesha Smith-Crews

When the day of Armani’s “party” rolled around, more than 125 people gathered to get food and care packages from the ecstatic six-year-old.

Armani told ABC News that “It was nice to be nice.”

homeless line
Artesha Smith-Crews

Now that she’s done it once, Armani wants to host more community meal events to help the homeless again.

What do you think of this incredible little girl? How amazing is she?

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