Mom Is Setting Up For Son’s Birthday When He Tells Her There’s A ‘Popping’ Coming From Garage

by Mauricio Castillo
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Jacque Sparks had just finished enjoying a special birthday breakfast with her family and son on April 4, 2017.

The family from Roy, Utah, was celebrating the boy’s tenth birthday. Little did Jacque know that a nightmare was taking place in her garage.

“We just finished having birthday breakfast and they were watching TV before we went and did something for his birthday,” Jacque recalled through tears.

According to Jacque, her young son then sped out of the house. Apparently, he had heard popping noises and smelled smoke.

That’s when he came to the garage. Using skills he had learned, the boy ended up becoming a hero.

“He felt the door with his hand, didn’t feel too hot. Opened the door and there was a lot of smoke in the garage,” said Roy City Fire Chief Jason Poulsen.

The boy ran back to tell his mom of the fire erupting from the garage, and she quickly called 911. Thanks to his actions, they were able to safely exit the home until the fire department arrived.

According to firefighters, the fire was caused by an electrical issue with the refrigerator motor.

“He did so good. We got everybody, all of us, all of our animals, because he gave us enough warning,” Jacque said.

The fire department plans to buy the boy new gifts and throw him a party to make up for the belongings lost in the fire.

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