Birth Photographer Captures The Exact Moment Mom Realizes Her New Baby Is A Boy, Not A Girl

by Angela Andaloro

There are very few moments that compare to the first time mother and child meet. There are so many emotions related to giving birth, and it’s an experience many want to document.

Quite a few people choose to have their birthing experience photographed. A birth photo can be an incredible way to capture every detail of the big day!

For one mother, that proved to be the best decision she would make. Lauren Jolly Thomas, a birth photographer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, captured the incredible moment when a family learned something unexpected about the baby they had just welcomed into the world.

Nancy and Will Ray already had two little girls.

They decided to wait to find out their daughters’ sexes until each birth. For their third pregnancy, the couple decided to do things differently. They found out the sex of their child ahead of time and learned they would be having a third little girl.

When the big moment finally arrived, things moved so fast that the couple didn’t realize they’d been misinformed — and the mom’s reaction is priceless.

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Giving birth is a magical experience. Each journey through labor and delivery is unique, so every family walks away with a story.

Many couples now decide to have birth photos taken as they welcome a new little one into the world. When a North Carolina couple decided to capture their experience by hiring a birth photographer, they had no idea what fate held in store for them.

Nancy and Will Ray were already parents to two little girls when they learned they were expecting again. They decided to do things a bit differently with their third baby.

Per People, Nancy and Will didn’t find out the sex of their first two children ahead of their births. This time, they decided they wanted to find out if they’d have three little girls on their hands.

Nancy and Will found out they were indeed expecting yet another little girl. Together, their little family prepared to welcome another baby.

Nancy went into labor on the morning of December 13. Lauren rushed there to capture the experience. She made it just in time, as Nancy’s labor progressed quickly.

Nancy gave birth to a happy, healthy baby. Nancy and Will enjoyed their first few moments with their child before cutting the cord.

When they went to cut the cord, they were in for a big surprise.

Despite the fact that they were told they were having a girl, they actually had a healthy baby boy on their hands. Lauren captured the moment when Nancy and Ray first realized they had a new son, not another daughter.

Will fell to his knees as he realized the baby was, in fact, a boy. The whole room was filled with shock and laughter.

Nancy recently shared the photo on her Instagram page, where it went viral. People cannot get over the raw emotion the photo captures.

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It was surprising how many moms could relate to Nancy’s story. It seems quite a few babies have tricked their parents when it comes to their sex!

birth photographer

So many people told Nancy that Lauren’s photos were a blessing. The stars needed to truly align to capture that moment just right.

Nancy and Will are loving their little boy! And Beaufort is certainly a cutie.

Kudos to Lauren Jolly for capturing the super-special moment! Congratulations to Nancy and Will on their happy, beautiful family!