Neighbors Notice Birds Acting Strangely At Park, Find Hundreds Of Pills Dumped In The Grass

by Amy Paige
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Chris Carr Park in Huntington Beach, California, is an 11-acre city park featuring a playground, a lake for fishing, and family picnic areas.

But recently, a group of parkgoers noticed the wild birds of Carr Park exhibiting some very strange behavior. A Canada goose and ring-billed gull were seen walking at a very sluggish pace, their heads hung low and their eyes nearly closed shut.

At one point, the goose fell onto its back and passed out. Its legs were sticking straight up in the air like it was dead.

It wasn’t long before the concerned neighbors saw that hundreds of prescription pills had been dumped in the park, scattered in the grass.

The birds probably thought they’d struck gold and stumbled upon a treasure trove of grain. Instead, they ingested heart and sleep-aid medications and antidepressants!

The Good Samaritans called animal control, and the birds were transported to the local wildlife center. The staff confirmed the sad truth: The birds had overdosed.

Luckily, the story has a happy ending.

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