Man Notices Odd Bird Staring At Window, Then Sees Handwritten Note Taped Right Above Him

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Generally, animals seem like they are the least self-obsessed creatures.

Whether they are focused on survival, or getting love from their owners, animals usually are preoccupied with anything other than how they look.

Take dogs for example. There is plenty of evidence out there that proves pups will do almost anything to show us how much they care, from giving us puppy dog eyes, to following us to the bathroom.

So, it seems that beauty, vanity, and their own appearance don’t ever cross their mind. Maybe that’s because they simply haven’t noticed themselves in the mirror?

One particular little animal — an Australian bird — put this theory to the test when it was caught on camera outside of the Queensland University of Technology.

In the footage, the bird is seen staring intently at a window. Does it notice something extremely intriguing inside?

Check below to find out the real reason this funny feathered guy was fixated on the window.

Recently, footage  of a fixated Bush Stone-Curlew looking into a window went viral online. 

The bird is totally transfixed on the window. Does it see something inside? Is it perplexed by its own reflection?

The note above his head actually holds the answers:

“I’m a bush stone curlew,” it reads.

“I’m fine. I just like to stare at myself in the window.”

So it’s true! The silly bird caught a glance of itself in the reflection and can’t tear his eyes away. He must think very highly of himself!


The large, ground-dwelling birds are native to Australia. Notably, when they’re disturbed, their defense is to freeze motionlessly, often in strange positions.

That defense mechanism, however, hasn’t helped this little guy stay out of the spotlight! Not only does he have his own Facebook page, he’s also been featured on the news!

Naturally, the internet also jumped on the chance to poke fun at the self-obsessed little bird.

“Magic mirror on the wall — who is the fairest one of all?” reads one, alluding to the wicked witch and her magic mirror in Disney’s Snow White.

The Disney memes were actually a trend when it came to the photo; here’s one referencing a song from the movie Mulan.

This bird may be confused but at least he seems to be getting a lot of joy from his own reflection — and isn’t that what counts?

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