This Smart Bird Can’t Be Fooled, She Can Figure Out All The Colors Like A Pro

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

It’s no surprise that the birds we keep as pets are pretty smart animals. The fact that many can learn words and whole phrases has always impressed me. Even the ones who don’t talk can still pick up a specific melody if you teach them. Sure, they may not have the pipes to tackle more intense tunes, but that doesn’t make the talented feathered friends any less awesome.

They’ve also been known to be quite the little toe tappers! No wonder they make such entertaining buddies.

A flair for performance isn’t the only thing these animals have going for them. Despite the flighty connotation of calling someone a “bird brain,” it turns out they actually have a lot of intelligence to back those talent up, too. Just wait until you see how clever this cutie is as she shows off some serious color matching skills.

Her name is Lucy and with a simple command from her humans, she can perfectly pick out the color they’re asking for!

Not even seeing them all lined up in a row together and hearing them asked for out of order can mess up this smart lady. There’s a chance it might have something to do with the treats she’s given once she chooses correctly, but I’m sure she’d be just as smart without the tasty compensation. Either way, she’s definitely got a lot of intelligence behind those beautiful blue and yellow feathers.

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