Bini The Bunny Plays Basketball And Paints Works Of Art

by Jessica Rothhaar
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When Shai Asor came across his pet rabbit, Bini, playing with a ball one day, he noticed something odd.

The little rabbit wasn’t just pushing a ball around. His movements almost seemed methodical.

Asor began to encourage the little rabbit to pick up the ball and throw it into a box. He did it — over and over again! Bini liked the game so much that his owner ended up buying him a little basketball hoop so he could play whenever he wanted!

Totally amused, Asor began to film the bunny’s skills and upload them to YouTube for the world to see. Unsurprisingly, the videos gained popularity quickly.

As time went on, Asor realized basketball was only one of his pet’s many talents.

Asor spoke with LittleThings about his pet rabbit’s many talents and we were absolutely amazed.

Scroll down to to see the talented rabbit in action and let us know what you think of him in the comments below!

Shai Asor, Bini’s owner, knew his little rabbit was special from the very beginning.

He did everything he could to encourage his talents.

When I first realized that Bini was so smart and trainable, I started giving him treats combined with positive vocal reinforcement and petting as rewards. These things together, helped him realize he was doing something good, and remember it,” Asor told LittleThings.

Shooting hoops isn’t the only activity Bini does in his free time.

After Asor came home to find colorful marker streaks all over the floor, he realized his funny rabbit had a knack for the arts.

Instead of getting angry with the mess, Asor decided to encourage his rabbit further.

I started to buy big rolls of paper and let Bini go to town. As time went on, I replaced the markers with paint brushes and rolls of paper with canvases,” Asor explained.

“I knew that Bini’s paintings were amazing right away. I started hanging them up at home and when people would come over, they’d ask me who painted them. They were shocked to find out that rabbit painted them,” Asor told LittleThings. 

People began to offer money for the paintings. After all, Bini is the first artist of his kind.

“Each painting is unique and reflects his mood. Bini is, of course, the only bunny in the world who knows how to paint,” Asor said.

Bini’s owner assures us the rabbit isn’t all work and no play!

Bini is quite social, he likes to run, jump, and play. We watch TV and play basketball together all the time. He will, of course, sometimes revert to his bunny ways, and he likes to flop, dig, and hide,” said Asor.

We asked Asor what he and Bini’s plans were for the future.

“As always, we have lots of incredible surprises in store. There will be more stories about me and Bini living together as roommates, and about our move to Hollywood, and of course awesome new Bini tricks. You’ll have to keep up with his fan page to see it all,” Asor told LittleThings. 

You can keep up with Bini’s amazing talents by visiting his Facebook page!

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