Bindi Irwin Shares An Adorable Pregnancy Update While Cradling A Joey In Her Arms

by Sarah Bregel
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Bindi Irwin, the daughter the late Steve Irwin, is one of the warmest, most motherly people out there.

And she’s not quite a mom yet, but in her newest pregnancy update, she sure looks the part. Bindi just shared a super-cute picture with followers that has “future mom” written all over it.

In it, the 22-year-old conservationist is with her husband, Chandler Powell, 23. As if Bindi wasn’t adorable enough on her own, in the image she’s holding a joey (yes, a baby kangaroo) in her arms. The baby is nestled in a blanket. Her husband holds a koala to his chest.

Both have huge smiles on, as Bindi holds up her latest sonogram pictures for the camera. The two cute nature-loving parents-to-be look thrilled.

“The animal joeys we care for are excited to meet our human joey,” Bindi captioned the super-cute picture. “Baby Wildlife Warrior is about the size of a hummingbird now!” Clearly, Bindi and Chandler can’t wait to be parents.

Bindi and Chandler are the most adorable couple, and now they’re going to be starting a family. The two were married back in March, and a few months later they announced Bindi’s pregnancy. It’s been so exciting for fans of Bindi to watch her on her joy-filled journey.

After Bindi lost her father, the world worried about the Irwin kids. Bindi has since made a name for herself, though. She does plenty of her own conservationist work, following in her dad’s footsteps. She also appeared on Dancing With the Stars, where she took home the Mirror Ball trophy and stole viewers’ hearts.

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You’re always in my heart.

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Bindi just seems like one of the most genuine people ever. She’s always grateful, warm, and nurturing. Though she lost her father years ago, she keeps him present in her life in every way that she can. She routinely shares tribute posts to her dad on social media and even found a way to include him in her wedding.

A gorgeous work of art shows a painting of Bindi and her family at her wedding. Dad Steve is included in the incredible image. Bindi shared the painting not long after her wedding, thanking the artist for helping her father to be a part of her wedding in some small way.

Just a few months later, Bindi shared more big news on Instagram. “Chandler and I are proud to announce that we’re expecting!” she wrote. “It’s an honour to share this special moment in our lives with you. Though I’m still in my first trimester, we really want you to be part of our journey from the beginning of this new life chapter.”

Bindi’s latest update shows that her excitement is definitely not waning! Bindi isn’t due until 2021, so she still has several months to go. Still, she looks overjoyed in her latest photo. She’s smiling from ear to ear and definitely has that mother-to-be glow.

“We can’t wait to teach our little one about the importance of protecting our planet and the beauty of the wildlife and wild places we love so much,” Bindi wrote. “Thank you for your kindness and support on this magical journey.”

Clearly, Bindi is feeling the love.

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I love you. Today. Tomorrow. Forever. ❤️

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It will be truly amazing to watch Bindi become a mother and teach her little one all about animals. Seriously, the pictures to come are going to be nothing short of adorable, and we can’t wait. We’re guessing Bindi’s mom is pretty stoked to be a grandmother, too.

Bindi and Chandler are certainly going to be young parents, but it seems like they have such a strong bond. They’ve been together for over six years, and he’s become very close to her family during that time. Their little nature baby is going to be one lucky kid.

The loss of Bindi’s dad was so tough on her, and it’s clear that she still misses him dearly. Of course, she’d love her dad to be in her life, but it will be interesting to see how Bindi keeps her father’s memory alive and introduces him to her little one.

We can’t wait for more Bindi pregnancy updates as she continues sharing her adorable moments with fans.