She Lost Her Husband In WWII, But When She FINALLY Learns His Secret? Incredible!

by Caroline Bayard
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They say true love never dies — and after hearing this woman’s story, I believe it.

In 2015, we mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, but for many people alive during that difficult time, the wounds still feel fresh.

For WWII veterans like 90-year-old Bill Moore, who was reunited with a long-lost love letter to his deceased wife, memories of life during wartime are all too bittersweet.

Having a loved one in the military, I know firsthand how difficult having someone so far away can be. I can’t even imagine what Peggy Harris of Vernon, TX went through when her husband, 1st. Lt. Billie Harris, left for Nazi-occupied Northern France in 1944 and never returned.

Billie died in combat, but because of a miscommunication during the time, that information never got to his wife.

Peggy assumed her husband had perished, but she was never able to move on, telling CBS news she waited for him all of her life. When a relative did some research about Billie, they discovered a small town called Les Ventes in Normandy, France, where Billie was not only buried, but a celebrated hero.

In the following video, Peggy finally finds peace with the nearly 70-year mystery, making a pilgrimage to Les Ventes and learning how her husband’s legacy is kept alive.

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