Bikini Line: 8 Different Types Of Waxes Every Woman Should Know About

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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It’s summer, which means it’s officially bathing suit season. For many women, swimsuit season can be intimidating.

All of a sudden, you’re expected to bare your skin and be totally confident about it.

Obviously, it’s easy to feel self-conscious when you put on a swimsuit. Many women compare themselves to the models on television — the ones with perfectly toned bodies, poreless skin, and no body hair anywhere. Well, that’s just not realistic.

Real women have fat, cellulite, body hair, pores, pimples, and more. But there’s no need to feel self-conscious about any of this.

It’s all natural and beautiful. That said, there’s nothing wrong with trying to make yourself feel confident in your own skin.

One of the things many women choose to do is get rid of their body hair. Whether it’s facial hair, leg hair, armpit hair, or pubic hair, a lot of women feel more confident without it. Although body hair is totally normal, shaving, waxing, and using chemical hair removers are also normal things to do. If you decide to go the waxing route, there are a lot of potential options. Read below to find out more about the many bikini waxing choices!

What Is a Bikini Wax?

What Is a Bikini Wax?
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When you get some of your pubic hair waxed off, it’s usually called a bikini wax. If you get all of the hair taken off, it’s called a Brazilian wax.

Why Do People Get Bikini Waxes?

bikini razor
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Some women get bikini waxes to feel more confident, while others do it for convenience. Unlike shaving, you don’t have to do it very often — most waxes last a few weeks, which makes them much easier to maintain.

Types of Bikini Waxes

types of bikini waxes
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You might think there are just two types of waxes for your hair down there — bikini and Brazilian. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are actually eight different types of waxes (and some salons offer even more).

1. Classic Bikini Wax

classic bikini wax
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A classic bikini wax removes the least amount of hair. It’s significantly less invasive than many other types of pubic hair waxes. This type of wax removes only the hair that’s visible around the bikini line, so some hair still remains.

2. Full Brazilian Wax

full brazilian wax
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A full Brazilian wax removes all the hair around the pubic area — front, sides, back, everything. With this wax, all the hair in the front is removed, as well as the hair on the labia and butt area. To wax the hard-to-reach areas, your technician might have you flip onto all fours and stick out your butt, or you might have to hold your legs up one at a time.

3. Mini Brazilian Wax

mini brazilian wax
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If the idea of getting every last bit of hair waxed off is too intimidating, you can go for the mini Brazilian. Unlike the full Brazilian, this wax takes hair off only the front of your body (and leaves all those hidden places alone).

4. Brazilian Plus Wax

brazilian plus wax
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Many women have a “happy trail” of hair that runs from their belly buttons to their pubic hair. If this lower stomach hair bothers you, ask for a Brazilian plus wax, which is a full Brazilian plus the happy trail.

5. Brazilian South Wax

brazilian south wax
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If you’re already getting a Brazilian wax, you might as well also get your legs waxed, right? This is called a Brazilian south wax. Basically, you get everything waxed from your bikini area down.

6. Brazilian Total Body Wax

brazilian total body wax
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Instead of waxing just your lady parts, go ahead and wax it all! Plenty of salons offer “full body” packages for one flat price. Legs, arms, stomach, back — go for the total package! And while you’re at it, you might as well get your eyebrows shaped.

7. Butt Strip

butt strip
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OK, so the name of this one isn’t cute, but it’s as clear as it gets. If the fine hairs that grow in your butt crack bother you, go ahead and get a butt strip. The aesthetician will use a bit of wax to target only the hair in your crack.

8. Full Butt Wax

full butt wax
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If you’re someone who gets hair on your butt cheeks as well as in the crack (don’t be embarrassed; this happens to a lot of people), a full butt wax could be the way to go. Luckily, this is much less painful than many of the other waxes on the list!

Benefits of Bikini Waxes

benefits of bikini waxes
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While bikini waxes hurt more than shaving or using chemical hair removers, there are actually a lot of benefits to getting them. First of all, waxing keeps you hair-free for longer than shaving or chemical hair removers. Another benefit? You don’t have to deal with that awful shaving stubble, explains Plus, waxing can help you avoid dealing with razor bumps, razor burn, and razor cuts.

What to Expect From Your First Bikini Wax

what to expect
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We’re not going to lie to you: Bikini and Brazilian waxes hurt. For some people, they hurt a lot. That said, they really aren’t that bad. It’s like ripping off a bandage, only… bigger. One of the first things you should do on your first appointment is to let your waxer know you’re a newbie. The technician can let you know about the process and help make you more comfortable. Another thing to remember is that your vagina isn’t “weird.” Keep in mind that whoever is waxing you has seen a lot of vaginas; as long is yours is clean, nobody will think twice about it.

Bikini Wax Tips

bikini wax tips
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Before your appointment, don’t shave. It’s better to have too much hair than not enough. Some people think that getting drunk before their first appointment is a good idea, but it can actually make you more sensitive to pain, explains Glamour. Make sure you don’t work out immediately before or after your appointment. And our final advice? Speak up for yourself! If you’re concerned about something or want something specific done, talk to your waxer.

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