Group Of Bikers Flip Stereotype On Its Head And Help Local Teen

by Emerald Pellot
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Ben Martinez practically bragged to reporters that he and his bike friends frightened an onlooker. Now before you go judging this group of tough-looking, hard-edged bikers, remember: looks can be deceiving.

A local biker group in Bakersfield, CA, decided to do a very good deed for Ben, a teen who is battling alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. The condition is an aggressive cancer that affects the torso, arms, and legs. Ben always dreamed of being a biker, and for one day he got to be. The group gave him his own personalized vest and dubbed him with the new name “Giant Slayer.” The teenager then hopped on a member’s bike and led a group of nearly 100 bikers around the neighborhood.

Ben was ecstatic and certainly felt like the coolest kid in town that day.

“It felt great. I like to feel the wind,” Ben told ABC KERO as he joked. “And we scared some other guy. Nothing better. It felt great.”

This just goes to show that while many saw the bikers and thought they were scary, they couldn’t have been more wrong. These men and women clearly have some of the biggest hearts out there. Some do good wearing a badge. Some do it in scrubs. Some do it in a pair of tattered sweatpants as they juggle a household full of kids. Others do it in leather.

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