Biker Is Alone In No Man’s Land When He Sees Cardboard Box In Grass And Finds Abandoned Puppy

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

In December 2015, James decided to hop on his bike and go for a long ride — but this was no ordinary adventure.

Along the way, James came to a point where he was all alone in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, his eye was caught by a cardboard box sitting upside-down on the side of the road. James caught the following footage on the camera attached to his helmet.

When James stopped his bike to inspect the box, he was shocked by what he found inside: a small abandoned puppy. James was 10 miles from the “nearest anything,” so this puppy wouldn’t have stood a chance had it not been for the hero cyclist.

What makes it even more heartbreaking is seeing how friendly and affectionate this puppy really is — and the way he gazed up at James, begging to be saved. What kind of monster would dump an innocent animal like this?

James knew he couldn’t leave his new furry friend behind. So, he scooped him up, tucked him inside his cycling shirt, and took him straight home. His neighbor saw the video and adopted him. This puppy will never be without a home again.

If you ask me, James was absolutely destined to get on his bike that day, ride down that particular road, and find that puppy. If this video touched your heart, please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook. Bravo, James!

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