Couple Sees Strange Hairy Creature On Farm, Then They Snap A Photo And Say It’s Bigfoot

by Emerald Pellot
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Keith Morgan and his wife, Robin, live on a farm in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania. After seeing massive, mysterious footprints on their property, they witnessed something they believe to be far more chilling than anything they’ve ever encountered.

A giant creature covered in black hair appeared to be walking across their farm. They estimated that it was larger than a bear. Keith and Robin snapped a photo and realized that maybe it was the legendary bigfoot.

The couple called Tom and TJ Biscardi, a father-and-son team who have been after bigfoot for decades. The two men plan on investigating the area thoroughly.

“Well, we’re out here in Amish country in Pennsylvania. Me and the team are responding.

We are going to be checking the whole area out. We got a lot of property to look at,” TJ told CBS Pittsburgh. “This is one of the pens where the creature was actually… they had to move the hogs out of here because something was coming in, climbing over the fence, killing the hogs and taking them out.”

The team has set up bait of peanut butter and sardines in places they believe most animals cannot reach. They also plan on recording the area with thermal imaging cameras.

“I want the reality to be seen as we see it. So, if we see it in real time as he records it, the whole world will get to see it in real time. It’s not just stories. It’s called reality,” Tom said.

The men are serious about their search and are even offering $1 million to anyone who has information that could lead to bigfoot’s capture.

Do you think this could be the mythological creature?

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