Big Rig Truck Driver Stops In The Middle Of The Highway For An Amazing Reason

by Paul Morris
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Trucks and truck drivers seem to get a bit of a bad reputation. Admittedly it can be quite scary if you’re driving down the highway and one of these huge behemoths is stuck right next to you, but at the end of the day, they’re all being driven by men and women who just want to get their job done and get home safely.

For anyone who thinks that truck drivers are “hard” types of people, it should be remembered that a lot of people have families back home whom they love very much, and the last thing they’d want is to hurt anyone or see anyone get hurt while on the job.

So when one truck driver spotted someone in some desperate need of help, he did the only thing that seemed to make sense, he slammed on the brakes and clicked his hazard lights on! A biker’s motorcycle had stalled in the middle of the highway, and with cars zooming by on either side, she must have been saying more than her share of a few prayers. Luckily, those prayers were answered when a big 18-wheeler came up right behind her.

A bike stuck in the middle of the highway is just asking for something horrible to happen. If a driver is distracted even for a second, that bike could show up out of nowhere and by then it would be too late. But using his sheer size, this truck driver used his big rig as a shield for the biker much as firetrucks do in similar situations. Slowly, checking his mirrors for the right moment, this man got the biker all the way to the shoulder and safety.

So if anyone out there thinks that these truck drivers are “hard,” you might want to see just the amount of effort this guy did to make sure one of his fellow travelers ended their day at home instead of the hospital. Thankfully, everyone behind him got out of the way from hitting his tail end, but seeing a truck stopped is much easier than a tiny bike. All this did was slow traffic down for a bit before getting back to normal. Thank goodness this “angel of the road” was there to help everyone out!

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