This Is The 2020 Pep Talk That We All Need Right Now

by Angela Andaloro

The folks at Big Life Journal have made it their mission to create engaging resources that help kids develop a confident and resilient mindset.

In doing so, they hope to help kids face life’s challenges with high self-esteem.

Certainly, life has never presented quite as many challenges at once than it has this year. Every family and every child is coping with it in their own way. Big Life Journal has put together a beautiful message that’s touching to people of all ages. The video is created by kids for kids. It’s an uplifting reminder of what the world needs during this unprecedented time. This “2020 Pep Talk” will bring some peace to your heart when you need it the most.

“2020 has been a challenging year for many of us; this really is the pep talk the world needs right now,” notes Alexandra Eidens, the founder of Big Life Journal.

“What’s extra special about this video is that the kids featured aren’t paid actors. They’re real kids from the Big Life Journal community who are using our growth mindset resources to help face life’s challenges with confidence. What a great reminder of what matters from kids who are truly walking the walk.”

The Big Life Journal community is an impressive one. There are journals available for children ages 6 and up. The journals help children develop a growth mindset to break through negative self-talk and feelings of failure.

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