Little Girl Plays Fetch With Big Fluffy Dog, But In One Motion He Ruins The Whole Game

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Big dogs are so silly and lovable.

They’re basically big babies that don’t know their own size and strength.

Almost every big dog I’ve ever met is a total lap dog; they’re just as cuddly and loving as their tiny counterparts, they just come in a bigger package.

Sometimes this can be problematic, like when they get excited and can’t help but jump all over you.

But their big bodies can also get in the way when it comes to playing. Again, sometimes they just aren’t aware of how big and burly they are!

The video below, of a little girl playing fetch with her big fluffy dog pal, definitely proves this.

In the clip, the girl throws a big rubber ball at her dog friend Sebastian, hoping that he’ll retrieve it and bring it back to her.

But Sebastian is just so excited about the toy that he can’t help but shake it around in his powerful jaws.

This sadly ends in the rubber ball’s demise — mere seconds into the game of fetch the big doggy accidentally pops it with his teeth.

Though he may have destroyed his toy, the big canine is still adorable and was only meaning to have a bit of fun.

Big dog lovers need to check out the hilarious fetch fail below.

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