Big Dog Gets Ready To Bound Down The Stairs, But He Can’t Make It Past The First Step

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Big dogs can be just as adorable as their teeny tiny counterparts.

Though they may not be able to fit in your purse and are too big to be picked up, they still can be just as docile and affectionate — in fact, there’s more of them to love!

Just like pit bulls, big dogs are oftentimes written off as dangerous because they’re closer to humans in size. If you’re not careful, they might easily knock you over!

But I’ve found that the opposite is true in terms of their hostility — bigger pups tend to be even sweeter and gentler than little dogs, who try and make up for their stature by acting tough.

They also tend to be big babies who love trying to cuddle in their owner’s lap and are afraid of their own shadow.

This is definitely the case for Norman, the 150-pound, 9-month-old Saint Bernard puppy in the video below.  Though he may look strong and tough, Norman is actually just a big baby who is too afraid to even walk down the stairs.

This is because bounding down the steps causes his big wrinkles to flop over his eyes. Combined with his clumsy puppy paws, this is all definitely a recipe for disaster!

Check out the adorable dog trying to conquer his fear of stairs — it’ll make you want to find the nearest big fluff ball and give them a cuddle.

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