Big Cat Rescue Helps Save A Senior Rescue Lion’s Eyesight

by Catie Keck
Catie Keck is a New York-based staff writer at LittleThings who has produced work for various web and print publications.

Just this week, millions worldwide were furious following the death of Cecil the lion, a beloved and protection animal who was lured away from his reserve and killed allegedly by a dentist from Minnesota who paid some $50,000 to hunt the animal himself in Zimbabwe.

Those who spoke up publicly included everyone from PETA to Jimmy Kimmel, with thousands more expressing outrage.

It’s important to recognize that big game hunting isn’t the only form of abuse these animals face, however. Many are important and trapped as pets in horrific conditions, like those reported by Barcroft earlier this year following a Big Cat Rescue of multiple cats in a backyard zoo in Alabama. The folks at Big Cat Rescue ensure that senior or traumatized cats who cannot be returned to the wild live out the remainder of their lives in conditions that are safe and comfortable.

One of Big Cat’s senior cats, a 17-year-old lion named Joseph — another survivor of a former backyard zoo here in the U.S. — had recently been experiencing pain in one of his eyes. Rather than allow Joseph to live out his days in pain, discomfort, or blindness, the staff at BCR performed an intensive surgery to remove the lens. Joseph is now recuperating with his favorite snack, big cat-safe ice cream.

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