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Beagle Who Was Dumped For Being ‘Too Fat’ Gets A Second Chance At Life

by Jessica Rothhaar
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For most pet owners, adopting an animal is a serious commitment. After all, people call an animal’s adopted home a “forever home” for a reason.

Some people, however, find out quickly that owning a pet isn’t all fun and games. Dogs especially need lots of love, attention, and exercise. Before adopting an animal, people should consider this, but often times, they do not.

People that don’t take their roles as pet parents seriously often put their animal’s health at risk and even their lives.

This was the case for a 7-year-old beagle named Darwin. His former owners let Darwin’s weight spin out of control, and they dropped him off at a shelter claiming he was too old and fat to take care of.

Darwin was in bad shape. He was twice the size of a healthy beagle and rescuers weren’t sure how much time the poor dog had left.

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Darwin was about 90 lbs. when his former owners dumped him off at the pound. He stayed there for about a month before the staff at Karma Rescue learned about him.

Rescuers were shocked by his condition. It was clear that the poor dog had been neglected for a long time.

“He could hardly walk,” Jason Espiritu of Karma Rescue told the Dodo. “He was at least twice what he should normally weigh. Darwin could have died from heart failure or all kinds of other complications.”

Rescuers began working with him right away. Slowly, they introduced exercise into his daily routine, and his food intake was closely monitored.

“Everyone rallied around Darwin to give him the love and attention he deserved, and let him know that life was going to be better for him,” explained Espiritu.

After a few weeks at the veterinary hospital, Darwin was placed with a foster family to work on his social skills. At first, it didn’t go very well. He was extremely anxious and would cry every time his foster family left.

His foster family decided to enroll him in a program called Paws For Life. This program was developed by Karma Rescue in conjunction with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

After 10 weeks of training with prisoners from several of California’s high-security prisons, rescuers began to see a noticeable change in Darwin. Not only did it help with his social skills, but his training also provided unique rehabilitative therapy to the inmates he was working with.

With help from the Paws For Life program, Darwin learned simple commands and overcame his anxiety issues.

“Darwin lost 25 lbs. during his time there,” Espiritu told the Dodo. “He’s at a normal weight now.”

Without help from his new friends, Darwin’s life would be drastically different.

“He went from barely being able to walk, to running and playing, and even jumping over tennis court nets,” said Espiritu.

Darwin is now back with his foster family full-time and is officially ready to be adopted. For now, he’s enjoying life with his foster brother and sisters.

“He’s doing amazingly well, and Karma and everyone that knows Darwin are thrilled with how far Darwin has come,” Espiritu told the Dodo.

For more information about Darwin’s adoption, you can contact Karma Rescue on their website!

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