10 Things You Never Knew About ‘The Big Bang Theory’

by Grace Eire
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The hit show The Big Bang Theory has topped the charts of TV ratings season after season. With the Season 10 finale on May 11, 2017, audiences still love to watch those finicky scientists get into trouble year after year.

But there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to this audience favorite, much like most TV shows. What really goes on behind the scenes, on the set, and in the relationships between cast and crew?

There’s a goldmine waiting to be discovered when it comes to fun facts and bits of trivia about The Big Bang Theory.

But where do you even start? Perhaps with the fact that the show was almost never even picked up after its first pilot was made. There’s more on that below, and so much more!

Are you sure to catch this show every week with a bowl of popcorn? Do you ever talk about the future of the characters with your friends?

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1. Penny Wasn't In The Original Pilot


Kaley Cuoco wasn’t in the first pilot for the show because Penny had not yet been created. Instead, there was a character called Katie played by actress Amanda Walsh.

The original pilot was not picked up by any network, but the second one, shot with Kaley, was very well-received. Producer Chuck Lorre only has good things to say about his starring actress. It may very well have been that one character change that sealed the deal.

2. Jim Parsons Failed A Science Class In College

sheldon science

In an interview with Time, Jim admitted that when in college, he actually failed a class on meteorology. He’s always been interested in the topic, but, unlike his character Sheldon, he’s not much of a science whiz in real life.

3. Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki Once Secretly Dated

kaley and john

At the beginning of the show, the two secretly dated for a little bit. Once they split in 2010, they remained very close friends and amicable coworkers. In 2016, they were rumored to be dating again as they were being very touchy during the People’s Choice Awards, but they claimed that nothing was going on.

4. We Have No Idea What Penny's Last Name Is

penny last name

While all the other principal characters have surnames, we have yet to find out what Penny’s is. Even her Wikipedia page is just listed as “Penny.”

There is dispute among writers and producers as to whether or not we will ever learn her last name.

5. Jim Parsons Has Never Seen Star Trek

5. Jim Parsons Has Never Seen <i>Star Trek</i>

While Sheldon is obsessed with the classic sci-fi show, Jim has never seen an episode, nor does he really care to. He’s not the biggest sci-fi fan in general, but he has no qualms with playing one on the show.

6. Mayim Bialik Actually Does Have A PhD

amy fowler

Mayim, the former Blossom star who plays Amy Farrah Fowler, took a break from acting to casually earn a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA. On top of acting, she still contributes to the science world by keeping students informed about many scientific topics.

She is the only cast member who actually has a career in science.

7. There Is A Bee Named After Sheldon's Catchphrase


“Bazinga,” Sheldon’s catchphrase, inspired the name of a species of bee discovered in 2013. It’s a Brazilian orchid bee named Euglossa bazinga.

The catchphrase itself came from a joke writer Stephen Engel would play, in which he’d tape together a hollow grapefruit and exclaim “bazinga!” when someone tried to eat it.

8. There Is Only One Flight Of Stairs

8. There Is Only One Flight Of Stairs

While there are multiple flights of stairs in the fictional world, there is really only one on the set. It gets dressed up to look like multiple flights. Ah, the magic of show business!

9. Creator Chuck Lorre Flashes A Message To Viewers In The Credits


These messages are known as vanity cards, and they are flashed at the end of the credits for just a couple of seconds. These fly by far too fast for anyone to read, but you can find them all on his website.

They consist of midnight ramblings, cerebral musings, and funny little quips. They’re definitely worth a read!

10. Sheldon And Leonard Were Named After Sheldon Leonard

10. Sheldon And Leonard Were Named After Sheldon Leonard

Sheldon Leonard is the late TV producer of shows like The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Andy Griffith Show. The creators of the show wanted to pay homage to him in The Big Bang Theory. 

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