Blue Ivy Shows Up Beyoncé With Her Rendition Of ‘Circle Of Life’ From ‘The Lion King’

by Rachel Gariepy
Rachel Gariepy is an experienced Editorial Director for a variety of digital publications including LittleThings and Purple Clover. She has written for, edited and managed teams across multiple lifestyle properties, including sites for celebrity clientele including, but not limited to Jenni (JWOWW) Farley, NeNe Leakes, and Vanessa Hudgens. Rachel has experience wearing many fun and fanciful hats including content strategist, creator, editor and project manager. She, like Mitch Hedberg before her, sometimes wrestles with the idea of wearing a beret. She also enjoys hiking, reading and hanging out with dogs.

We are all anxiously awaiting the release of the remake of the Disney film, The Lion King and that is in no small part due to the amazing cast of characters we know will step foot (0r at least lend their voices) on the big screen to portray our favorite characters from the much-adored animal kingdom.

From Donald Glover as heroic Simba to John Oliver voicing the incessant Zazu, we know this movie is going to be top-notch. But Beyoncé voicing the strong and oh-so-fierce character of Nala might just be the best thing ever!

Beyoncé is clearly getting into the role and proved it by posting a stunning snapshot of herself all decked out in a lioness-inspired showstopper of an outfit. She looks unbelievable in full-body sequins and a lion’s head chest-piece, complete with a photorealistic face and a full feathered mane.

But you know who else is clearly pumped about her mama’s new role? Blue Ivy! The little star-in-the-making almost shows up her mom’s amazing look by impressing us with her own rendition of “Circle of Life” — and she’s got a pretty fantastic outfit herself. Who knows, maybe Blue Ivy will be in The Lion King on Broadway as young Nala when she gets just a little bit older.

Check out Beyoncé’s gorgeous lioness-inspired look and Blue Ivy’s impressive performance chops in the video.

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