Neighbor Reads 9-Year-Old’s Heart-Wrenching Letter To Santa About Broken Roof And Rallies Help

by Emerald Pellot
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Betzabe Gomez was at her neighbor’s house a couple of weeks ago writing a letter to Santa Claus. Araceli Ramos read Betzabe’s letter and was instantly heartbroken.

“Dear Santa, I need help in my house because when it’s raining, the rain comes in. When I look at it I am sad. This is why I want help and what if it floods in there?” she wrote.

Betzabe and her family’s home was damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Her father is seriously ill after enduring five strokes and dialysis. Her mother had to quit her job to take care of him. They’re raising five kids with little money to fix something like a leaky roof.

The little girl says she doesn’t want toys, just help for her family.

When Araceli read the letter, she knew she had to help.

“It broke my heart,” Araceli said. “I thought, ‘Dear God, help me to help them.'”

She began reaching out to friends, nonprofits, and businesses. It seemed that everyone wanted to help. School administrators brought presents. Even the government got involved. State representative Armando Walle was the oldest of five children raised by a single mother. When he heard the story, he knew he had to help. Armando got on a ladder and fixed the roof himself as best he could, using tarp and cinderblocks. He donated two space heaters to the family.

“That little [girl] tells you a little about humanity, and how we should live,” Armando said. “She wanted her roof fixed and her dad to get better.”

Donations to the family continued, and Betzabe was showered with gifts during a Christmas party put together by the community.

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