Betty White Prank Phone Calls James Corden, And It’s Hilarious

by Angela Cook
Angela is a writer from New York City who loves existential conversation, songwriting, and practicing yoga. She graduated from the City College Of New York with a focus in Creative Writing and a Bachelor's degree in English. She believes that every art-form has the ability to inspire and influence, and plans to accomplish that within her writing.

No matter her age, Betty White will always be adorable. Whether it’s seeing her act or going on interviews, it’s always a treat to see her be her naturally quirky self.

Behind her quirky and adorable persona, however, lies quite the pranking mastermind. So much so, that she really had James Corden fooled.

In this clip, we see Betty make a prank phone call to James Corden a day before she’s supposed to be on the The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Like this James Corden clip of him doing karaoke in the car with Adele, it’s hard not to laugh at both Betty’s serious demeanor during this phone call and James’ willingness to accept anything Betty throws his way.

Betty’s prank consisted of calling James Corden and requesting a few strange changes to her dressing room. James tries to be as accommodating as possible even though the requests she’s making are a bit on the extreme side.

Betty went on to demand a lighting change, a certain paint color for the dressing room, and preferably only yellow M&M’s, seeing as those are the only ones she likes.

I couldn’t help but giggle at how believable Betty was on the phone. This prank phone call provides even more evidence of how good she is of an actress.

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