Betty White Falls To The Ground As A Clue For Her Partner On ‘Body Language’

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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There is nothing better than watching your favorite game show and guessing all of the clues correctly!

If you enjoy all of the current shows on the air, you probably also love some older game shows that are no longer on TV, especially the ones from the era of Betty White.

Because he husband Alan Ludden was a game show presenter, Betty spent a lot of the ’70s and ’80s giving it her all on many different programs.

In an episode of Body Language, Betty does her very best to get her partner to guess all of the clues.

She was basically willing to pull out all of the stops to try to win.

For her very first clue, Betty nearly threw herself to the floor just to get her partner to guess the word “fell.”

Wouldn’t you love to see Betty playing like this on the game shows still currently on air? I think she deserves her own special game show! Have you ever seen this episode of Body Language before?

If you love old-school Betty White clips, then you’ll also love this video of her cracking up when the Super Password crew messes up and accidentally puts the word “breast” on the board instead of “strange.”

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