Do You Know The Best Time Of Day To Poop? It Could Actually Affect Your Health

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is a writer on the Original Content team. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Pooping is a natural part of everyday life. Although everyone’s poop habits are different, everybody poops.

Some people feel awkward or embarrassed about their bowel movements — so much so that they try to never go in public, or even lie to their doctors about their intestinal habits — but pooping is natural, healthy, and necessary.

For many of us, pooping is something we don’t pay much attention to until something goes wrong.

Instead of only thinking about your bowel movements when they’re causing you pain or discomfort, you should regularly keep track of your frequency and type of poops.

Why? Because there’s actually one time of day that’s best to poop — it even affects your health!

Paying attention to your poop habits and trying to stay on a regular schedule can actually help your body feel normal.

Read on to find out the best time of day to poop, according to experts.

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You probably know that going “number two” makes your body feel better, but did you know that there’s a certain time of day that’s the best time to go?

Dr. Kenneth Koch, chief of gastroenterology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, explains that there is, in fact, a best time of day to poop.

What time? Morning!

Good news, morning poopers: You’re already right on schedule!

For most people, Dr. Koch explains, the best time to poop is in the morning.

Morning is the best time for pooping because your small intestine and colon process your food from the day before while you sleep.

When you wake up, the food passes fully through your body, which makes it the ideal time to “do your business.”

Keeping your bowel movements as regular as possible can help you feel less discomfort when it comes time to go.

Even if you don’t poop every day, keeping track of your poops and intestinal health can make your whole body feel better.

Although morning is the best time to poop for most people, the key to happy pooping is actually the regularity.

Just as you like routine in your life, your bowels also like routine — it keeps your system comfortable and might help you feel less bloated or gassy!

Everyone’s bodies work a little differently, so “normal” pooping may be anywhere from once every three days to three times a day.

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