10 Of The Best Pet Costumes For Halloween 2020 Because Everyone Needs More Joy Right Now

by Stephanie Kaloi

We are well into October right now, which means that Halloween 2020 is definitely upon us. While it’s very cute and fun to find costumes for your kids, it’s just as cute and fun to find the best pet costumes for Halloween!

Luckily, the world of pet holiday wear only continues to grow and become more creative with each passing day, and there are an abundance of options that pets in 2020 just have to try.

Not every pet likes to get dressed up in costumes, but just about every pet owner can delight in how much more adorable their pet instantly becomes by donning one. It’s a fine line to walk, but if you try hard enough, it’s not impossible to find a costume that you love and that your pet will wear happily.

Here are 10 of the best pet costumes for Halloween this year — be prepared to be wowed, wooed, and dazzled!

1. Spaceship

best pet costumes

If you’ve never asked yourself just how cute your favorite furry companion would look dressed up as a rocket ship, today is the day to do it!

Shop Now: Frisco Front Walking Spaceship Dog and Cat Costume (Chewy, $15.99)

2. Rainbow With Clouds

2. Rainbow With Clouds

Did you wake up this morning just convinced that today is The Day you were going to find the most perfect, most cheerful costume for your dog? You did, right? Good, because I think this one might actually be the winner! Bonus: It can double as a costume for Pride Month!

Shop Now: Rainbow With Clouds Halloween Dog and Cat Costume (Target, $12.99)

3. Cowboy

best pet costumes

I am forever a fan of a front-walking cowboy costume for a dog or cat because it’s just so funny to see four-legged creatures acting like they have two legs instead.

Shop Now: Frisco Front Walking Cowboy Dog and Cat Costume (Chewy, $16.99)

4. Avocado

best pet costumes

Granted, this probably ranked as the best pet costume a few years ago, but it doesn’t look like avocados are going anywhere (well, unless they do because of … environmental concerns). Happily, many a 30-something is still munching on avocado toast, and now you can dress your favorite critter up like your favorite snack!

Shop Now: Frisco Avocado Dog and Cat Costume (Chewy, $14.99)

5. Sloth

5. Sloth

At first glance, one would think that this is a beige-colored Wolverine costume (no? just me?), but in fact, it’s a beige-colored sloth costume because HELLO: What does the world need more of? Cats and dogs in sloth costumes!

Shop Now: Frisco Front Walking Sloth Dog and Cat Costume (Chewy, $14.99)

6. Cupcake

best pet costumes

There is something that is almost impossibly adorable about dressing up animals like food, and this is especially true when it comes to dressing up animals like desserts. Look at that little cupcake hat!

Shop Now: Rubies Costume Cupcake Dog Costume (Amazon, $13.99)

7. Latte

7. Latte

If you are so into coffee that it’s basically all you can think about, why not dress up your favorite pet like your favorite substance on earth?

Shop Now: Rubies Puppy Latte Pet Costume (Amazon, $18.47)

8. Ewok

best pet costumes

Sure, sure, there isn’t a new Star Wars movie out this year … but isn’t it always kind of appropriate to dress up your pet like an Ewok? Look at that face!

Shop Now: Rubie’s Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume (Amazon, $19.99)

9. Singer-Songwriter

best pet costumes

If you have a wailer in the house, this singer-songwriter costume is the perfect option. That way, your little crooner can howl or yowl to his or her delight!

Shop Now: NACOCO Pet Guitar Dog Costume (Amazon, $15.99)

10. Giraffe

best pet costumes

Why not dress up your favorite animal like … another animal? This giraffe costume is flat-out adorable, even if the dog in the photo seems to have different feelings about it.

Shop Now: Frisco Giraffe Cat and Dog Costume (Chewy, $12.99)

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