Shy Blonde Tweens Spend 6 Years Turning Themselves Into ‘Brunette Barbies’ Mistaken For Twins

by Amy Paige
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Julia and Sofia were 6 years old when they first met in their hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. By the time they were 10, Julia and Sofia were wearing the same outfits and matching their looks as much they could.

The best friends were soft-spoken and rather insecure, but they always had each other.

Julia and Sofia decided as tweens that they didn’t want to just fit into a box like they were expected to. They say their peers in Sweden tend to keep to their traditional looks, which typically means blonde hair, fair skin, and slender frames. Their families wanted them to stay natural as they got older, but Julia and Sofia said they had no self-confidence. They wanted their fun and bubbly personalities to shine through their outer appearance.

At around age 14, the girls dyed their hair black, started lifting weights on a regular basis to gain strength, and began enhancing and plumping their facial features.

Today, these “sisters by heart” are 20 years old, and people assume they’re twins.

While the girls’ parents have not yet approved of their drastic transformations, and while they do get some negative comments criticizing the changes they’ve made to their bodies, Julia and Sofia say they have no regrets.

Meet the pair of best friends in the video below.

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