10 Signs You’ve Found Your Best Friend In Life

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

What would life be like without friends? It would be so much lonelier, and so much less enjoyable.

But, as we all know, a lot of friends come and go as a matter of circumstance.

You aren’t always going to have the same friends, and that’s just a fact of life. At least not all of the same friends.

Best friends are here to stay. Your best friend will always be there for you through thick and thin. A best friend goes above and beyond, and they feel more like soulmates. Why shouldn’t there be non-romantic soulmates out there for all of us?

These 10 things are sure signs that you’ve found your very best friend (or friends). Maybe you’ve known them since you were in grade school, or maybe you met them later in life.

Either way, you know you’ll never let them go!

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Thumbnail sources: Flickr / clotho98, Wikimedia Commons / freeparking

1. Their Number Is The One You Dial First

best friend phone

Your best friend is the one you call or text when anything good or bad happens because you know that they will be just as excited or upset about the news as you are. There’s nothing better than knowing that you’ll get the exact reaction you need from your best friend.

2. It Feels Like Family Time When You Hang Out

best friend family

Your best friend might as well be your sibling. He or she will always be like an extra aunt or uncle of sorts to your kids or grandkids. There’s nothing strange about your best friend showing up at a family gathering. In fact, it feels empty without them!

3. You Let Everything Out: Tears, Rage, Excitement

best friends crying

With others, there are times when you will have to hold back your true feelings in order to not appear, well, weird. But, with your best friend, you can be as bizarre and have as many weird feelings as you need to.

4. You Make Plans For Your Future Together

best friends plan

You make plans far in the future with each other because you know that neither of you are leaving the other’s life any time soon. That road trip you’ve been planning for basically years is going to happen someday soon!

5. You Give Gifts All Year Round

best friend gift

You might not even need an excuse like a holiday to get your best friend a gift, but on those holidays where folks exchange gifts? You go all out for each other, and you know exactly what to get.

6. You Aren't Afraid Of Tough Love

tough love

You’re not afraid to give your best friend the harsh realities when they can’t seem to realize them. If they’re about to make a bad decision, you let them know, and visa versa. Best friends always keep each other from doing the things that they shouldn’t, and they know each other well enough to know what those things are.

7. Difference In Opinion Doesn't Come Between You

best friend hug

When you disagree on something, you are able to get past it. You may have a heated discussion, but ultimately, you will be able to agree to disagree and continue loving each other.

8. You Don't Get Sick Of Each Other

best friend shoulder

With some people, you get exhausted after spending too much time with them, but with your best friend? You can spend days with them and still not be sick of each other. You don’t even have to be talking the whole time, because silence isn’t awkward.

9. They're Your Emergency Contact, Of Course

best friends emergency contact

You know you can count on your best friend for anything at any time, so you’ve probably put their name and number down as your emergency contact at least once.

10. You're Not Too Big To Say You're Sorry

best friends sorry

If one of you makes a mistake, a sorry is soon to come. The friendship that you share is too strong to let a rare scuffle come between you, and you’ll always apologize to each other when one is warranted.

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