Mom Obsesses Over Picking Safest Car Seat, Then She Dies In Car Crash But, Baby Is Fine

by Emerald Pellot
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A mother’s careful planning would become a life-saving choice for her 16-month-old daughter. Spokane, WA, mom Heather Hope was obsessed with finding the safest car seat for her baby girl.

Heather spent weeks doing research before choosing the Graco Extend2fit. Days after she made the purchase, Heather and her baby girl were in a horrific car crash. The accident would take Heather’s life just one block away from her home.

Despite the brutal crash, her baby girl was completely unharmed. Heather saved her baby’s life. Now Heather’s mother, Sheila Hope, and sister, Amber Hope, are honoring her memory.

“I would take her place if she could be here right now… in a heartbeat,” said Sheila.

“She lived and breathed her daughter. She was a stay-at-home mom. She got to stay home and spend every second with her.”

Amber even bought her baby the same car seat after seeing how thorough her sister’s research had been.

“It paid off,” said Amber. “I am so thankful and I know she would be so happy knowing that her daughter is still here with us.”

The family is now doing everything to support Heather’s daughter, who will grow up knowing that her mother was her hero.

“It just makes it feel so much better. You don’t seem to cry as much because you focus on her,” said Sheila.

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