Medical Experts Say Crying As An Adult Provides 9 Incredible Health Benefits

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Crying can be a generally unpleasant feeling, and most of us couldn’t feel further from happy when we do it.

For most of us, crying likely happens after we have bottled up our emotions for too long and can’t keep the stress or sadness in our heads any longer.

Or sometimes, tears can be the product of sentimental feelings, like this mother who was hysterical after dropping her kid off at his first day of school.

Though we generally associate tears with sadness, doom, and gloom, a lot of times a good cry is exactly what we need to feel better and think about your problems more clearly.

And this isn’t just a placebo effect, it has actually been proven that crying makes us feel better!

That’s not all—there are plenty of ways that tears help our bodies and minds without us even realizing.

So if you’ve been holding in the tears, go ahead and let them out, then check below to learn all of the benefits a good cry has for our body and mind.

Crying Benefit #1: Releases Toxins

Tearing eyes
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The tears that we cry when we’re emotional actually have more toxins in them than the tears caused by irritation (like when we’re chopping onions).

Studies have shown that this is because they clean out toxins that build up in our body when we are stressed out.

So tears aren’t only in response to our negative emotions, they also help deal with the bad stuff going on inside us.

Crying Benefit #2: Improves Your Vision

Rubbing eyes
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You know when you get a fleck of dust in your eye and the irritation makes you cry?

This is because tears protect your eyes by flushing out anything that may be messing up your vision.

According to the National Eye Institute, tears also help to lubricate your eyes so that they don’t get dry, so think about how happy and hydrated they will be after your next good cry.

Crying Benefit #3: Relieves Stress

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We’ve all been in a stressful situation that has brought us to tears.

But, according to Medical Daily, this is not just a response to all the stress, it can also help ease your anxiety by releasing hormones.

This can help calm you down after the water works have subsided, making you able to whatever is ahead of you more easily.

Crying Benefit #4: Kills Bacteria

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Tears contain fluid lysozyme, which can help kill bacterial cells by breaking down their walls.

One study states this makes tears particularly potent at killing bacteria that could be found on our eyes and face.

And anyone who has ever cried while wearing mascara knows, it definitely makes for an effective makeup remover.

Crying Benefit #5: Improves Your Mood

Reading a book
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Sometimes we just feel better after a good cry; it feels a lot better than bottling up the bad emotions we’re feeling.

Well, it turns out that this may not just be a placebo effect.

This, according to one study, is because tears release endorphins and reduce manganese, a mineral that can negatively affect your mood.

Crying Benefit #6: Helps You Connect With People

Crying on friend's shoulder
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Crying can be a very raw, intimate act and can be a little uncomfortable to do in front of people.

But that emotional vulnerability could actually bring us closer with one another.

When cry to a friend, family member, or lover, the honesty of the act can make them feel vulnerable themselves and more likely to share their feelings with you as you did with them.

Crying Benefit #7: Clears Your Nasal Passage

Blowing nose
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Tears’ natural detoxing properties can also be good for your nasal passage.

Almost all over us have gotten the urge to blow our nose when we cry; it’s an act that is naturally connected to our nose!

But once the crying has stopped and the tears are wiped away, you should notice a clearer, cleaner nose along with refreshed, hydrated eyes.

Crying Benefit #8: Prevents Colds And Flu

Checking temperature
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Other than the fact that they have antibacterial properties, tears can also help you from getting sick by lowering your stress level.

Stress is definitely not just mental, it can cause a build up of bad chemicals in your body, drain all of the hard-working vitamins, and make you sick.

But crying can tackle some of that stress before it is too much for your body to handle—healthy emotions are always important for a healthy body!

Crying Benefit #9: Clears Your Head

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Crying is a cathartic act; you are literally and figuratively releasing bad stuff out of your body.

This can also translate to our emotions that get bottled up in our brains, making us feel even worse.

Sometimes a good cry is all we need to clear our head and help us get to the heart of our problems.

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