Not Many People Know Just How Great Cranberry Juice Is For Their Health

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Fall is almost here and you know what that means: lots of yummy seasonal veggies and fruits!

Soon we’ll be able to bundle up and enjoy cozy dishes containing squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and, one of my personal favorites, cranberries!

Cranberries are an incredibly versatile berry; they can be dried and eaten as a yummy snack, squeezed in juices, or baked into yummy treats like these cranberry brie bites.

Then of course there’s the favorite cranberry dish for fall: delicious cranberry sauce that you can drizzle all over your plate at Thanksgiving!

There’s definitely a lot of reasons to love the cranberry — but we may have a few more that you haven’t heard before!

Cranberries are really beneficial to your health, and there are new studies coming out all the time explaining what other parts of the body they’re good for.

Get ready to stock up on cranberry juice because our list of cranberry health benefits is going to make you want them even more.

Cranberry Benefit #1: Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Prevent UTIs
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This idea has been around for years and for good reason.

According to several sources, there is a compound in cranberry juice that prevents certain bacteria, particularly E. coli, from sticking to the bladder walls. 

While antibiotics are definitely the undisputed way to get rid of urinary tract infections, drinking cranberry juice can aid in the process.

Cranberry Benefit #2: Improve Dental Health

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A team of oral biologists at the University of Rochester Medical Center found that cranberry juice’s ability to block antibiotics can also be beneficial to your oral health. 

As with bladder walls, cranberries’ various properties make it hard for bacteria to stick to teeth.

So if you want to indulge in cranberry sauce a little earlier this year, your mouth may be thankful!

Cranberry Benefit #3: Prevent Cancer Growth

Checking for cancer
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Several studies over the past few years have explored cranberries’ ability to help prevent cancer cells from growing.

They are packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, which fight free radicals and keep inflammation out of your body, two major characteristics of a food that keeps you in peak health.

Cranberry Benefit #4: Provide Important Antioxidants

Drinking cranberry juice
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Antioxidants prevent oxidation in cells, which can lead to their damage.

It can also create free radicals, which could lead to cancer, heart disease, or a decline in the immune system if they do enough damage.

But cranberries are packed with antioxidants, so eating them as much as possible helps free radicals from happening.

Cranberry Benefit #5: Cleanse Your Digestive Tract

Going to the bathroom
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We already know that cranberries do great things for your urinary tract, but they can also be beneficial to your entire digestive system.

According to Livestrong, cranberry juice weakens the bad bacteria in your system while promoting the growth of good bacteria like probiotics.

So if you are looking for natural ways to regulate your system, cranberry juice could definitely help out.

Cranberry Benefit #6: Maintain Heart Health

Glowing heart
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Not only do cranberries fill your blood with antioxidants, they may also help fight cholesterol.

This helps blood move throughout your body, keeping your heart pumping perfectly.

Cranberry Benefit #7: Prevent Ulcers

Stomach hurts
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Cranberries’ ability to stop bacteria from thriving in certain places may also help prevent stomach ulcers.

Helicobacter pylori is a certain bacteria that contributes to the painful ulcers.

Some believe that cranberries can also stop the bacteria from thriving in the body, so ulcers have a lesser chance of forming.

Cranberry Benefit #8: Soothe Inflammation And Arthritis

Hand hurts
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In order to treat their symptoms and pain, arthritis sufferers need to take anti-inflammatory medication.

Fortunately, cranberries’ anti-inflammatory properties can ease many different ailments, including rheumatoid arthritis.

Cranberry Benefit #9: Strengthen Your Immune System

Washing hands
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Between all of its antioxidants, and its ability to keep bacteria at bay, it would make sense that cranberry juice would be a great boost for your immune system.

This can help keep your body alert and healthy so it is less vulnerable to colds, flus, and other diseases.

Cranberry Benefit #10: Boost Your Brainpower

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Miracles of Health lists berries as one of their top five brain boosters.

Cranberries have even been shown to help patients regain brain function after strokes.

There’s a lot this little berry can do. Good thing it will be in season soon because we can’t wait to get our fill!

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