Photographer Captures Newborns In Casts Of Their Moms’ Pregnant Bellies

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

For nine whole months, babies reside in their mother’s womb, curled up and cradled in warmth while they grow.

Since they develop in there while being nourished and loved by proximity, they have an innate connection to the womb’s exact curvature.

Photographer Jocelyn Conway explores this idea with her unique newborn photography.

Though there are many original ideas out there regarding newborn photography, Conway deviates from the traditional by integrating a mold casting into her portraiture.

Prior to the babies even being born, Conway makes casts of mothers’ bellies and fashions “bump bowls” out of them.

Once their babies are born, she photographs them nestled in the bowls, creating a heartwarming representation of their birth.

These pregnancy casts provide a customized prop that is perfect for newborn photos. The babies can comfortably contort to fit into them just as they did before birth.

Check out some of her Conway’s photography of newborns in their bump bowls below!

[H/T: Huffington Post]

Jocelyn Conway began her career as a nurse and midwife, giving her an expert point of view on pregnancy.

But she ended up going back to school to pursue her love of photography and mentored under many notable photographers, including Olympus UK’s Damian McGillicuddy.


She currently works with McGillicuddy at the Baby Whisperer Academy, which teaches photographers the ins and outs of newborn photography.

Conway began making molds five years ago, starting with a body-casting course.

She conceived the “bump bowl” photos to combine her photography career and her blossoming interest in mold casting.

She typically makes casts when mothers are 34 to 36 weeks pregnant.


This means that they mirror the shape of each pregnant belly deep into its last trimester, creating curves that newborns can comfortably fit in.

Once the babies are born, she photographs them, cradled in the “bellies” they were born from.


“I love the idea of the baby being back in its bump for a photo!” explained Conway to the Huffington Post.

“The babies usually love being back in their casts! They seem to settle straight back in to their ‘home’ for the last nine months! It’s lovely to see!”

She also creates her photos with the safety of the babies in mind.

She takes multiple photos with the empty bump bowl, then photographs the babies in the bowl, physically supported by hand.


She then edits the two photos together, creating a composite photo of the newborns in the bowl, without the hands.

In addition to her trademarked “Bump To Baby” photography, Conway also creates portraits of older babies as well as maternity photos and fine art prints.


She also does casts of newborn hands and feet that can be made into bespoke keepsakes.

If you are interested in seeing more of Conway’s photography, a portfolio of her work as well as general information and pricing can be found on her website.

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