2 Guinea Pigs Share A Healthy Snack Like ‘Lady And The Tramp’

by Paul Morris
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Just about everyone’s favorite scene from the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp is that beautifully staged moment when Lady and Tramp share their romantic spaghetti meal together.

As the owner of the Italian restaurant, Tony, serenades the young couple with the famous “Bella Notte,” the two unintentionally kiss each other when they both suck on the same piece of spaghetti.

The two adorable guinea pigs in this amazing little video seem to be emulating that exact scene. The two are munching down a particularly tasty looking vegetable, and as they chew down to the very end, it turns out that their true love is on the other side doing the same thing!

While this “kiss” is not as romantic as the movie, and they even seem to be playing a bit of tug of war, when they finally separate we just love how they stare into the camera still chewing. These two little fur babies are so cute, and we’re happy that their owner thought to film this hilarious little moment!

Just like the two rabbits in love who did the same thing, there’s just something that’s so cute about seeing two best friends share the same piece of food. Not only does it show that they’re well taken care of by their human friends, but it shows that they have a friend of their own to share the space with!

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Posted by Better Homes and Gardens Australia on Monday, November 30, 2015