Behind The Scenes Of Budweiser’s Iconic ‘Puppy Love’ Commercial

by Caroline Bayard
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When it comes to unforgettable animal commercials, the Puppy Love 2014 Budweiser Superbowl XLVIII ad is pretty far up there on the list.

I can’t recall anything from last year’s big game, but this adorable commercial featuring a tiny golden retriever pup and the Clydesdale horse famously associated with Budweiser definitely won over fans’ hearts that day. Here at LittleThings, we’re pretty big fans of exploring unusual animal friendships, like this one between a donkey and his best friend in the world, a goat. That’s why we wanted to take a deeper look at the making of


We recently shared some pretty awesome behind the scenes footage from the making of other Budweiser commercials with these gorgeous Clydesdales. It was pretty fascinating to see all the hard work and training that goes into working with these majestic creatures, and the same goes for this next clip with the tiny puppy. As you can see, the tiny golden retriever and the giant Clydesdale might seem like a mismatched couple, but it makes total sense.

Clydesdales are gentle giants and actually love tiny dogs, so the puppy was a perfect pick. The puppies, being such naturally curious creatures, weren’t even afraid of the giant horses. They got along famously and it’s nice to see that this wasn’t just all for the camera!

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