Behind The Scenes Of BigDreams With Leon Logothetis

by Roxy Garrity
Roxy is a reporter and writer for LittleThings. Born in North Carolina, she graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Florida, and now lives in Manhattan. She's drawn to uplifting stories that inspire her audience, and she has interviewed a range of compelling public figures, such as President Obama and Taylor Swift. She loves live music, yoga, art, traveling, all animals, and meeting new people. Send her your story ideas or just say hi!

The stories of real people who inspire us often remain untold. It was always my dream to become a journalist to shine a light on the everyday heroes who walk among us.

I wasn’t ever in it for the lights or the cameras; I was motivated to help those whose voices are rarely heard.

That’s why I was so fortunate to collaborate with Leon Logothetis on BigDreams. We started production in February of 2016. Both Leon and I scoured through hundreds of GoFundMe pages to find Americans with a worthy cause who weren’t getting any help from their own social networks. We knew that with the help of LittleThings’ enormous audience, we could make some very big, very worthy dreams come to fruition.

I’ve shared some of my favorite behind-the-scenes photos and the trailer for the newly released series below — plus you can read our first story on Chase Simmons here.

Maia McCann/LittleThings

Leon and I go over story notes for Episode 6 in a local diner in Willits, CA.

Chopper the Biker Dog, driving up in his dog-sized Harley, visiting Army Sergeant Chase Simmons during Episode 1 in San Diego, CA.


Roxy Haynes/LittleThings

Leon and I goofing around, teaching Aubrey’s brothers the art of the selfie in Georgetown, KY, for Episode 2.

Roxy Haynes/LittleThings

Sometimes it’s the moments where we don’t think the camera’s rolling that captures the true essence of family love. In the middle is Stephen McNulty, whom we met in Ashland, MA, and whom you’ll meet in Episode 3.

The folks we featured along this journey would often tell us that no matter what happens, we’ve changed their lives. I know they have certainly changed mine.

Roxy Haynes/LittleThings

Now with GoFundMe, we CAN come together and make a huge difference for these people who deserve it the most. Please, if you know of an amazing story, share it will me, and I’ll continue to dream big to make BigDreams come true!

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