Beginner Embroidery Kits And 5 Other Fun Crafts And Projects That Will Keep Hands Busy

by Stephanie Kaloi

Crafting isn’t just for children, which is a fact that a whole lot of adults are finding out now that we’ve got all this extra time at home on our hands.

And while stores may be running out of items and delaying shipments, there’s one magical place that relies on the United States Postal System and is always open: Etsy!

In the best of times, Etsy is where I usually turn when I’m looking for something crafty to get my hands on. And now that we’re all collectively worried about the fate of the planet, it’s kind of nice to remember that the site is still there, with artisans hard at work creating delightful craft projects to help keep our hearts, minds, and hands busy.

The best thing about working on crafts at home, at least for me, is that there’s no one to see how bad you are it. And folks, I say this as someone who is pretty bad at crafts. I love having the opportunity to work on projects without having a room full of other crafters who are watching my progress. Without further ado, here are few things I’ve been looking at lately that you might also be into:

Embroidery Kits

embroidery kit

I have always loved the look of embroidery, and I have always been enchanted by the idea of learning how to do it myself. So much so that I have even bought all the necessary supplies AND started embroidery projects … which I have never finished, because I never bothered to look up directions and thought I could just make it up on my own.

No more! Today I scooped up this embroidery kit for beginners, and this time it’s going to happen.

Shop Now: Beginner Embroidery Kit – Modern Flower Plant Hand Embroidery Full Kit ($14.74+, Etsy)

Sock Llama Craft

sock llama kit

Look, just because a craft looks like it’s only for kids doesn’t mean that that’s true! This sock llama kit is ADORABLE. Just think of all the cute llamas you could make and hide around your home for your unsuspecting roommates and/or partner! The kit includes absolutely everything that you might need.

Shop Now: Sock Llama Craft Kit ($12.89, Etsy)

Bird Suncatchers

bird suncatcher

Ooh, I love these bird suncatchers! They’re designed to look like stained glass and can be peeled off and stuck to your windows. I think they’re pretty delightful, and I love the idea of the sun streaming through and changing the light in my home. You can buy these in sets of multiples of five, which will keep you and anyone else you want to entertain quite happy indeed.

Shop Now: Bird Suncatcher Kit ($10.98+, Etsy)

Fabric for All Those Projects

fruit fabric

While venturing out to your local shop to pick out fabric might not be possible right now, you can absolutely spend hours online virtual-shopping for fabric! I have found that Etsy is the best place to find truly unique, vintage fabric that no one else will be using. Now if only I could get myself to actually finish a sewing project, too …

Shop Now: Fruit Fabric ($7.09+, Etsy)

wooden owl puzzle

It always surprises people when I tell them that you can shop for puzzles on Etsy, which in turn surprises me! To me, puzzles are some of the most beautiful handmade items out there. I especially love this wooden puzzle that’s in the shape of an owl.

Shop Now: Wooden Owl Puzzle ($49, Etsy)

Garden Planning

garden planner and journal

A lot of us are getting a crash course in gardening these days, and few things will make a planner’s heart sing like a planner for your garden! This planner and journal has six sections that help you keep everything totally together while you’re planning out your next harvest.

Shop Now: Complete Garden Planner and Journal ($24, Etsy)